Frequently Asked Questions

How we exist

We do not exist to make a profit. We are fortunately funded by the Nicholas School at Duke University as a research initiative. Any funding needed is crowdsourced or given as non-official grants. 

The team (seen on our about page) are incredible contributors committed to spending their lives fighting climate change. 

This tool exists only to help you find what you want to do for our climate, and help you find communities to continue your journey as a planet-positive citizen. Share it with your friends, people considering career transitions, or movements and documentary producers who want to inspire people to help our planet.

Why is it so important to act now?

The climate crisis is worsening and if we don’t significantly reduce emissions within the next ten years we risk increasing Earth’s temperature above the 1.5 degrees tipping point which risks catastrophic runaway climate change. 


Climate change is already bringing more extreme weather conditions and billions in costs but runaway climate change risks our very survival.


Every tonne of carbon dioxide kept out of the atmosphere stops 32 square feet of ice being irrevocably melted. We also need full societal change…...

Who is You Change Earth for?

You Change Earth is for anyone who wants to take action on the biggest issue facing the future of our planet.


Young or old, retired or working, we make taking action easy by recommending personalized solutions, information, and support to act effectively in tackling climate change.


Your actions and words can make an immense difference in this climate fight and we all have a responsibility to change Earth for the better.

Is it too late?

There is still time to avert a climate catastrophe if everyone uses their words and actions to get to a net-zero carbon world as fast as possible.


The scientific consensus says the window is still open to avoid locking in runaway climate change over the next decade but it is closing and we need to act now.


We have seen the global climate movement massively grow, many companies and countries take action and set ambitious goals and if we increase the momentum we can avoid climate catastrophe.

Is individual action needed when only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions?

We live in an interconnected world and individuals and companies both need to reduce the emissions which are causing the climate crisis.


You Change Earth recommends steps individuals can take to reduce their personal carbon footprint as well as using their voice to see positive corporate and political change and connects people with groups campaigning for climate action.


If individuals, families, communities, companies and political leaders all act together we can build a net-zero economy and change Earth for the better.

What if I am already taking steps in my life to act on climate change?

Great. The world needs more people like you. We still recommend You Change Earth as a helpful resource and as a climate leader we encourage you to share it with friends and colleagues. 

Also, see our community page for groups you can join.

How can I find out more?

Visit our website:


Read this interview: 'An imperative': Duke students build website to make fighting climate change easier


Join the You Change Earth community protecting the Earth.