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You Change Earth.

We have ten years to avoid locking in catastrophic changes to our climate. There is so much we can do. Don’t be an observer to disaster - be a participant in solving our planet’s greatest challenge.

Take back hope. Start changing Earth with the actions tailored to you.

How it works

Select your actions

Answer a few quick questions and select the climate actions tailored for you. We’ve carefully curated the actions that make a difference—based on the latest scientific research and collaboration with over thirty experts.

Take action

Use our helpful guides to powerfully use your voice and action. Check back on your dashboard to visualize your impact and take further steps.

Join the movement

Once you’ve completed your actions, you’ve joined us in changing Earth. We will then show you communities you may love and everyday ways you can use your voice over the critical next ten years.

Why You Change Earth

The climate crisis is urgent but there is still time if we all use our voice and actions. Young or old, retired or working, everyone can take action. We make it easy by recommending personalized solutions to reduce your impact on the climate and connect you with others working to reduce climate pollution. Your actions and words can make an immense difference to change Earth for the better.

Our mission

You Change Earth empowers people and gives them the solutions, information and support to act effectively in tackling climate change. We will help you play your role in changing Earth with the climate actions tailored for you.

Continuing climate action

You Change Earth is about building a movement for climate action. Use our tools and resources to take further steps using your voice and actions to build a climate safe world. Connect with others inspiring climate work in our communities, in business and government. We will help you help the future as we navigate the pivotal next ten years.

Join us and get started on your climate journey