To secure the beautiful future we can have (a world still with some biodiversity, prosperity, no poverty, and an environment our kids can happily grow into) it is incredibly important to keep warming to 1.5 degrees. We have ten years to make these changes. So, while we would love people to complete all of our projects, the most important thing is to stay up to date or involved with a community fitting your interests and skills. All of these newsletters are ones that our team loves or do a great job of what they say. So, browse below and join one (or three) communities that suit you.

Keep up to date

Carbon Brief

Daily or weekly updates on the latest developments in climate news and science from an organization that uses data-driven articles to try and improve understanding of climate issues.


Advocacy and research newsletter by Emily Aitken. There are bi-weekly free articles and her work is beautifully written + spurs action in communities not living up to their promises (political fraud on both sides, Amazon’s pledges, fossil fuel misinformation)

My Climate Journey

Podcast - Stay up to date with what leaders are doing in the space

Force of Nature

Podcast - Clover Hogan discusses climate anxiety and what individuals can do with experts.

Social media and local communities

Stay up to date with one of these social media sites — join causes you care about.


Social media and climate rewards app you should download to stay involved in climate action. Join their movement to earn cashback, and mostly support an organization working to restore Australia, South American, and African lands to carbon sequestration zones in the next decade.

Sustainable mPact

A European social network working to connect passionate individuals in a social web.

Advocacy opportunities

Join one of your local groups! See our Climate Movement Guide for details on how to. Or,

Join a local chapter and advocate for a transition to renewable energy.

Sunrise Movement

join your local chapter or participate in phone banks to support climate conscious candidates.

Take Climate Action

UK based campaign that aims to get local councils to adopt a climate action plan.

Career changers & entrepreneurs

Our guide to career changes and orientation has our best advice, but the below communities are important to have here.

Work on Climate

Whoever you are, you can join this community and they’ll help you figure out what you can do that matters! Meet our founders in there and find your role.

My Climate Journey

A podcast and newsletter that helps you learn from the entrepreneurs and policy-specialists directly. This is sadly a paid group - but has a free newsletter and podcast.


A Slack group for entrepreneurs and technologists.

Climate Designers

A community built to help designers use their skills to help the planet.


YCE Employee Guide

Check out our employee guide!


Resources to help make a meaningful impact on climate change without quitting your day job.

Crowdsourced extras to browse if they fit your interests

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