About Us


You Change Earth was built to empower people and give them the solutions, information and support to act effectively in tackling climate change. We help you play your role in changing Earth with the climate actions and communities tailored for you.


The climate crisis is worsening and if we don’t significantly reduce emissions within the next ten years we risk increasing Earth’s temperature above the 1.5 degrees tipping point which risks catastrophic runaway climate change.


Climate change is already bringing more extreme weather conditions and billions in costs but runaway climate change risks our very survival.


We are independent, non-partisan, evidence-based and diverse. We are entirely motivated by the urgency of averting climate catastrophe. More details on our research and project selection criteria are here.


The website hosting was supported financially by the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, and founder of Kayak, Paul English.

Our Mission

Millions of caring people could be making a difference for our environment, yet simply don’t know how


We are dedicated to helping every one of these people find their role in the climate solution

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Who we are

We are a group of young people who came together across seven countries and five continents to build a tool that would make a difference on the greatest challenge of our generation, climate change.


Each of us were shocked that so many people around us would ask ‘what can I do about climate change?’ Yet despite there being incredible communities and actions that could suit them, so few people find an answer.

Our Supporters

So many incredible people have, and are helping, us as we continue this journey.


Huge thanks go to Britt Wray, Erika Reinhardt, and Milk & Honey PR.



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