About us

Where this website fits

Whatever your stage in life—whether you can try to disproportionately lower (and hopefully offset your individual footprint), whether you can play a big part in your children’s future as a weekend or evening warrior in your communities, or whether you can commit your career to climate change. This site is here for you. 

For journalists and documentary makers, amplify the impact of your work by linking to this where you can. For anyone else, browse to see the highest impact things you can do with your time.

You are needed. Play the greatest role you can.

What is YouChange.Earth?

The point of this website is to be there for the millions of people when they are incensed about the crisis our world is facing and our wondering what they can do about climate change. 

We want to give them the best actions depending on what type of person they are —if they’re a busy executive or only have 20 minutes to see what they can do, if they have spare weekends or evenings or months to work on projects provide them a host of options they wouldn’t know about, and finally for people considering committing their talents and career to this problem we provide links to opportunities or further thinking. 

Being there for people when they ask ‘What Can I Do?’ will hopefully ease people into actions they wouldn’t have taken otherwise. For the millions facing this problem, it could amplify their impact or even create fundamentally change the problem we are facing through differences made across their organizations or created valuable projects. 

What is our end goal?

YouChange.Earth should be the first place that people go to to when they want to know what they can do about climate change. 

We aim to provide the highest impact things people can do in actionable steps when they get the initial spark of motivation to help our planet before their interests fade into everyday life again. 

We need to get this out there to provide answers to people looking for ways to use their talents or what they want to commit to climate change, and then be referenced in all the places (youtube videos, articles, movements) where people want to look next at what they can do. 

In six months we aim to just maintain the website (add exceptional causes and charity programs for talent or people to go to)… but have YouChange.Earth as a largely static resource directory that is linked to across the web in the places it can make an impact. 

We may use the platform built to launch into other initiatives or work but this website is being built to solve this problem and help the masses mitigate carbon emissions to give our planet a chance at continued human control.